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Hello, I’m Zedo Yamanaka from Houdenji Temple. Our temple started as a place where a female monk helped people who needed advice after a big war. Even though our temple is small, we care a lot about everyone’s feelings. We also do different activities to share Buddha’s teachings and help people find their own good way of living.


“HOUDENJI” is a small temple of the Nichiren sect in Kobe. (Sorry, Japanese only)

“ICOTTO” is an activity that provides a dining place as aftercare for kids who have left a child care facility. It connects them with peers and teachers from the same place, ensuring that these children aren’t alone after entering society. (Sorry, Japanese only)

The Lotus Sutra Digest

This is an excerpt from the easy-to-understand explanation of the Lotus Sutra by Reverend Kenko Hattori of Konpon-ji, which was serialized in the Nichiren Sect Newspaper. To help foreigners understand the Lotus Sutra, we are posting an English translation.



I talk about my daily thoughts as a monk in ‘Yamanaka Zedo’s Tea Time Chats.’ I’d be happy if you could listen to it like a radio show and enjoy.(Sorry, It’s still Japanese only)

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We share our temple’s event schedule and more. You can also ask questions through LINE. Please feel free to sign up!(Sorry, Japanese only)